Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rabies Scare

No good deed goes unpunished.
Long story short... in trying to help a stray dog in a mall parking lot (at ~11 pm, that is the longest part of the story) next to the freeway feeder road I managed to get bitten on the cheek.  Only superficial but still a little disconcerting.  OK, a lot disconcerting.   
Oh, and we did eventually find the dog's home, roust the family at 12:40 in the morning and determine that the dog has probably not had a rabies shot.  Well, we think that is the assessment as the man that answered the door spoke broken English and my husband speaks broken Spanish.
So, after a trip to the emergency room that saw us getting home at 3am it is not likely that I will get rabies but we will go by the dog's house in 10 days to make sure it is still OK before a final decision on the shots will be made...