Friday, September 27, 2013

Texas State Fair trip prep. Friday, 9/27/13

The Texas State Fair opens today and we are planning to go this weekend, a good 4-5 hour drive from us.  At the State Fair the unwritten rule is that food must be either deep fried or put on a stick, both if possible.  My plan is to break out or the Primal Challenge and eat total crap until I puke. Literally. It usually makes it easier to turn down crap food for a while after that.  Each item bought is shared by 3 people.  I have been reviewing the flyer and have identified a slew of crap to eat, to include (listed in no particular order):
Fried banana pudding
bbq brisket crunchy tacos
bbq brisket egg rolls
fried jalapenos - actually pretty normal in Texas, I mean you can get these on fast food burgers at more than one chain so we may pass on these.
fried pies, not at all unusual but oh please have apricot
avocado krispy fries - yes, fried slices of avocado
Krispy Kreme burger, I might have to beg off on this one as I do not mix sweet with meat, yeah no sweet & sour for me either.
deep fried red velvet cupcake
deep fried shrimp & grits
deep fried spaghetti & meatballs
deep fried chicken & waffle - if there is syrup involved it is an issue
Fried bacon cinnamon roll - I will be expected to try and will but I already freak out if my bacon touches anything sweet. Won most creative last year.
Pig poppers 
Deep fried Cuban roll - this year's best taste winner, I am skeptical.  And if the line is too crazy i will skip.
Fried Thanksgiving dinner - this year's most creative winner. Only if the lines are not bad.
Awesome deep fried Nutella - a finalist this year
Fernie's deep fried King Ranch casserole  - a finalist this year
Golden fried Millionaire pie - a finalist this year - oh yeah
Southern style deep fried meatloaf - a finalist this year
Spinach dip bites - a finalist this year
Texas fried fireball - a finalist this year
Bacon dog on a stick
Fried banana on a stick
Deep fried chocolate chip burrito
deep fried elote  - if you need tracers for your system
pig toes on a stick
spicy spam empanadas
deep fried creole boulette - not as weird as it sounds, basically fried tilapia that has been seasoned blackened before being deep fried. so spicy fried fish.
fried shrimp & cheese jalapeno
deep fried BBQ wontons - they say these are new this year but I had the beef version these in 2009 but they were called boomerangs.  and they were really good. will try the pulled pork version as well.
fried collard greens
What, no fried butter!?! Fried butter is my favorite!  I plan on coming back here to comment on this list after I recover but that might take a while.  I am planning on tweeting during the extravaganza at @HeyDianneHey .  I am hoping that no one backs out as I have hotel rooms booked already.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Awesome fall results

On Thursday I demonstrated the most awesome grace with a spectacular fall.  Running across a level, smooth surface in a business suit carrying a 5" stack of papers (in a accordion file) in my left arm with my backpack containing my work laptop slung over my right shoulder.  Fly, fly, fly, I am pretty well sure that I dropped an F-bomb.  Three guards (all of whom I speak to regularly) ran over to see if I was OK.  I of course said yes.  The result?  Laptop is OK as I extended my right arm to block the backpack as it flew forward over my head.  My body on the other hand? from top to bottom: the metatarso-phalangeal joint of my big toe on the right foot hurts; both knees bruised with the right knee sporting something the diameter of a dime and ~1/8" thickness floating on top of the cap; both elbows slightly brused; my ribcage under the left breast hurts when I breathe deeply, when I raise my arm, and when doing a burpee; left shoulder is feeling uncomfortable both in the joint and on the muscle cap. Face & head obviously did not touch the ground which is a major plus.  This is a great demonstration why I was jokingly called Grace when I was growing up.  Having broken both femurs (on different occasions) and spent nights in hospitals with concussions I am accustomed to injuries.  With that being said, I am A-OK in this incident as well! Taking it all in stride.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6/5/13 Where I am posting

I am not posting any thought or goals, generally.  But I am using Twitter as an accountability tool by taking pictures of what I am eating before eating it.  At times it does help with some self policing.  Sometimes not though.  @HeyDianneHey 'cause some little girl in the Philippines has HeyDianne.  All the post are typically boring and on the level of the stuff that I have always made fun of FaceBook people of, as in posting the mundane. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7,13. Itch, Itch, Itch.

As if to prove that no good deed goes unpunished (again)...
Out on a paddleboard @ Ka'anapali last week, at the same spot where we saw the shark last year, and responded to people screaming "Help, help" stuck on a rock at BlackRock.  Managed to get the stranded woman on my board and get her paddled in to shore, BUT... I also managed to increase my chances for melanoma.  Now I am itchy and peeling in a nasty, nasty way on my back and shoulders.  So NICE.