Saturday, August 17, 2013

Awesome fall results

On Thursday I demonstrated the most awesome grace with a spectacular fall.  Running across a level, smooth surface in a business suit carrying a 5" stack of papers (in a accordion file) in my left arm with my backpack containing my work laptop slung over my right shoulder.  Fly, fly, fly, I am pretty well sure that I dropped an F-bomb.  Three guards (all of whom I speak to regularly) ran over to see if I was OK.  I of course said yes.  The result?  Laptop is OK as I extended my right arm to block the backpack as it flew forward over my head.  My body on the other hand? from top to bottom: the metatarso-phalangeal joint of my big toe on the right foot hurts; both knees bruised with the right knee sporting something the diameter of a dime and ~1/8" thickness floating on top of the cap; both elbows slightly brused; my ribcage under the left breast hurts when I breathe deeply, when I raise my arm, and when doing a burpee; left shoulder is feeling uncomfortable both in the joint and on the muscle cap. Face & head obviously did not touch the ground which is a major plus.  This is a great demonstration why I was jokingly called Grace when I was growing up.  Having broken both femurs (on different occasions) and spent nights in hospitals with concussions I am accustomed to injuries.  With that being said, I am A-OK in this incident as well! Taking it all in stride.