Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 3 dinner

Shared triple delight with my Mom. Yes that is her for diving in. Had a glass of red wine,  but it affects my alergies much more than white wine.

Day 3 lunch

Does the meat look familiar?  Yes because it was the rest of what was cooked at breakfast.  Well, what Bella didn't get from me. There will be more cherries in the afternoon, I am wiped out form the workout in the full midday sun.

Day 3 breakfast

Plus coffee, half portion bulletproof  (forgot to mention half on yesterday's post). Had morning snack of mac nuts, will need to begin titration down from the quantity of thoae.

Day 2 dinner

Shared the meat, wiping off the sauce,  ate the vegetables and the not pictured seaweed salad.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 2, lunch and post lunch crash.

At lunchtime I went in a second weighted walk to get the daily sun exposure. Went 30+ minutes in 93 degree heat, direct sunlight. By the end I should have slowed down but needed to get back. Forgot to take picture of lunch, but it was identical to yesterday so I will post the same pic. At 2:30 bottomed out and broke down and are a banana to handle a request from a project that I have not been assigned to for a year. I think it is OK, but not optimal.  But I don't think it counts as failing to eat primal today.

Day 2 Snacks, yes there will be macs today

Day 2 breakfast 21-day Primal Blueprint challenge

3 eggs, salt, white pepper, turmeric. Over easy. Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to say Bulletproof coffee each morning while walking Bella. 30 minutes with a weight in the backpack. Carrying the weight into work as well, ready for another weighted walk before lunch.

Day 1 dinner & finish

Making the best of dinner out, followed by cherries while visiting with in-laws.

Day 1 lunch &snack

Lunch, than snack at about 3 pm. Had forgotten macs at home.

Day 1 breakfast, 21-day Primal Blueprint challenge


Yeah, I did it. Whole 30

Just looked back to see that I never finished posting about whole 30. Yeah I finished it. And then reverted to normal crap. So, I am now on day 2 if 21 day primal blueprint challenge and  on vimify. I will start posting my meal pictures here to help me be compliant.