Sunday, September 23, 2012

No Time

Still working on PB challenge but I obviously have no time to blog.  Seriously, I have not even been to MDA in at least a week.  Life needs to settle down.  Well actually, I like being this busy and it is just that writing any thoughts down outside of my daily plans is just too much.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PB Challenge - Day 2

OK, Obviously I started one day after the official launch since I did not go to MDA until 9 PM on Monday.

Day 2 focus: Law 2: Avoid Poisonous Things
For me that is sugar and grains.  My tendency to seek out that which is detrimental to my desires is kicking in and pointing me towards eating some crappy sweet junk.  On a non-challenge day I would find a way to justify doing just that but I am determined to make it through today with minimal, no, without shooting myself in the foot.

Day 1 review, it was a successful day.  Well, mostly.
For WOE (way of eating), I stuck to eating plants and animals with only one french fry sneaking in there.  My daily intake consisted of:
2 cups Bulletproof Coffee , well, sans the MCT oil this morning.
2 slices of bacon
1 bag of Brussels sprouts (steamed in my new steamer for the office)
1/3 bar salted Kerrygold butter (on the sprouts)
3 large pork ribs (from Pappa's BBQ)
1 french fry
part of tossed salad, dry.
1/16th bar 85% dark chocolate
1 tsp of raw, local honey at bedtime.
 For WOM (way of moving, to include play), I took Bella to walk early a.m. and at halftime of the US Soccer televised match; and went to hockey class (1 hour long session) for play.  We were a couple of minutes late (~3) hitting the ice for the opening drills (and warmup) and the closing 4x4 scrimmage was a 22 minute affair of HIIT.  Thought I might puke after a couple of my shifts on the ice.  Playing 4x4, full ice with only 7 each per side means that you are out on the ice A LOT even while you are trying to limit your shifts to 1 minute each.  I did manage to miss the "superman" drill that I so dislike at the beginning though.  Since I dislike it I probably need to make sure that I get there in time to DO it.  Generally an individual will avoid what they suck at which prevents them from ever moving on to not sucking at what they are avoiding.  Or at least that applies to me...
For WOL (way of life, sleep and sun)
OK, this is where I was not so successful. With the "play" happening from 9:30pm to 10:30pm that means that we did not get home from the rink until after 11pm.  Then showers mean not hitting the bed until after 11:30, feeling wired with no hope of falling to sleep for a long while.  With the alarm set for 4:45 which would have us getting to work late (but we have late meetings this afternoon so we will be at work late anyway) that means way to little sleep.  I also did not make it out into the sunlight at all.  I hope to improve this segment of "way" in the coming days.