Thursday, October 16, 2014

Whole 30 Day 3

Yesterday was day 3 and it was pretty much as advertised, emotional. I was a roller coaster of emotions with being bummed out the most common and consistent one. Not a very productive day at work I must admit.
It was good to have the Whole 30 daily email to refer to that outlined what most people go through on that day. I will say that the $15 bucks was a good investment. I still have not posted on the forum but might today. I might even re-post what I have written here on that site.
Further challenges from day 3 included dinner out with my Mom at a Tex-Mex restaurant, no chips or drink for me only fajitas and guacamole. That was followed by a trip to the HEB to get supplies to make treats for a bake sale that the Rico's department is having. Then making the treats once I got home while he ate dinner. BooBerry and CountChocula marshmallow treats, easy to make but hard not to lick sticky fingers. This has been complimented with the morning cutting and bagging of the treats this morning. Actually, I still have to cut and bag the BooBerry ones but CountChocula is the real challenge for me. Or the real success as I have been successful.
Today is a day full of challenges, I will be at HouSecCon all day and I am quite sure that any edibles served will be inedible for me. That will be followed by dinner out with friends at the Spaghetti Warehouse, although I have already spent time on their site reviewing the menu to make a choice of what and how to order. Not ordering a glass of wine will be the biggest issue. All of this will be followed by the final Dynamo home game of the year. That will be no problem for the Whole 30 though, thankfully.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Whole 30

OK, I started a Whole 30 yesterday.  So far so good.
Actually, I intended to start a Whole 30 on October 2nd but quickly realized that I was going to have a serious conflict early on, the Italian Festival. So I started a Whole 7 as a trial run on 10/2 that ended up becoming a Whole 9 before having wine, a meatball, 2 bites of rigatoni, a mini cannoli and an Italian Ice on Saturday. Followed up with a good clean day of eating on Sunday up until 9 pm when the Rico wanted Blizzards. He knew that I was not starting the Whole 30 until Monday and I caved to his pressure and got a Mini.
So I know that I can make it 9 days, therefore I believe that I can make it 30 days. I am going to work up the nerve to reach out on the forum to get a buddy.  Perhaps later tonight...